Monday, June 1, 2015

Producer Best Buy: Mountain Man Brewing

Over the last few years, there has been a major change brewing in the Irish beer market with a welcomed wave of quality Irish artisan brewers shaking-up the marketplace. Microbrewers including; The Rising Sons Brewery, Franciscan Well Brewery and Elbow Lane Brew to name but a few have replaced cocktail bars as the most trendy place to hangout at weekends in cities across the country. International brands with multi-million euro marketing spends are starting to feel the hit from small scale brewers as more people turn to craft beers searching for quality and authenticity. One such successful craft brewer to reach the Irish market in recent years is Cork based Mountain Man Brewing.

Phil Cullen spent years brewing high in the Derrynasaggart Mountains of the Muskerry Gaeltacht, gathering twigs and turf to feed the fire for the boiling wort and using handfuls of whatever hops Phil Cullen could find experimenting in his home town of Macroom, Country Cork. In 2012, Phil decided to bring distinctive brew outside the mountain village to the people of Ireland. These days Mountain Man now brews beer on the move using bigger pots over much larger fires and bags full of hops in various undisclosed locations around the country. Mountain Man is always ready to move operations at the slightest sound of a siren or hint of a flashing blue light producing his magic beer in small batches ensuring quality and consistency.
The distinctive taste of Mountain Man brewing comes in two exciting varieties including; Hairy Goat and Green Bullet. Mountain Man is now widely available in all leading off-licenses and craft beer bars across the country.

Hairy Goat is a copper coloured English style India Pale Ale with a strong grapefruit, passion fruit and peach aroma coupled with a well balanced hop and malt flavour. It has a medium to high level of bitterness and has been crafted for the connoisseur of full flavoured hoppy beers. Hairy Goat can be enjoyed as an aperitif as the bitterness will stimulate the appetite. Great with Thai, Indian or any boldly spiced dishes. Works well with strong flavoured cheeses such as Colby, Blue, Parmesan and Cheddar.

Green Bullet is a light refreshing golden coloured American style Pale Ale with distinctive flavours of lemon and a smooth light body. It is lightly hopped with a single hop variety to allow the delicate flavours of this southern hemisphere gem shine through while balanced with a soft medium dry malt finish. The subtle bitterness and light body is a fantastic accompaniment with a steak or burger right off the BBQ. Great with Italian & Middle Eastern cuisine and enhances the flavours of fish dishes.

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Disclaimer: This blog post has not been sponsored by Mountain Man or any other licensed premises.