Monday, June 10, 2013

Dermie's Best Buy: Toonsbridge Buffalo Mozzarella

Toonsbridge Dairy began production in 2011, by The Real Olive Company founder, Toby Simmonds and his neighbouring farmer Johnny Lynch. Following a number of research trips to Italy, the pair sourced thirty-one young pedigree buffalo from the Prince of Lombardia and brought them back to Ireland where they now happily graze outdoors all year round on the rich, green grass in Macroom, County Cork.

Both Toby and Johnny spent a stint learning the craft of how to make real mozzarella, in the same time-honoured tradition by night in a traditional “casifeicio” in Capua, a small town to the North of Naples which is known throughout Italy as the heart of the traditional buffalo area. Toonsbridge mozzarella is formed in the same hand crafted way, carefully handling the pure molten curd at over 75 degrees Celsius and shaping into beautiful white mozzarella rounds. Toonsbridge Buffalo Mozzarella enhances dishes when topped over fresh green salads, spicy tomato pastas, homemade pizzas and so much more.

Today, the dairy is home to a herd of over fifty buffalo producing; Toonsbridge buffalo mozzarella, Toonbridge ricotta and hard grana type cheese similar to Pecorino. Currently in the making is a creamy, brine ripened cheese which is very similar to Feta.

Toonsbridge Buffolo Mozzarella takes pride of place on some of Ireland's leading restaurant menus including; Chapter One, Dylan McGrath's Fade Street Social, Café Pardiso and many more.

A selection of artisan food stores across the country stock Toonbridge Mozzarella including:

- Avoca
- Cinnomon Cottage
- Diva Bakery Deli
- The Real Olive Stall in Cork's English Market
- Farmers' Markets Nationwide

Toonsbridge Dairy recently opened a café in Macroom County Cork - a short 25 minute drive from Cork City serving delicious seasonal soups, salads, sandwiches, cakes, sweet treats and so much more using ingredients fresh from their beautiful gardens outside. The café is open Thurs - Sunday 11am - 6pm and Bank Holiday Monday.