Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Competition Closed: Win A 'Taste of Home' Hamper For A Friend Abroad This St. Patrick's Day

 Competition Closed

Ballymaloe Country Relish would like to surprise one lucky family member or friend who is spending this St. Patrick's Day away from home by sending them a Ballymaloe Country Relish 'Taste of Home' hamper. The lucky winner will receive a delicious hamper filled with a selection of the Ballymaloe Country Relish range and a copy of Rachel Allen's fantastic new book 'Rachel's Irish Family Food'.

In Rachel Allen's new book, Rachel shares with you a collection of family favourites with tried-and-tested Irish classics for you to enjoy with your Ballymaloe Country Relish hamper. Irish favourites from Rachel's traditional Brown Soda Bread recipe which is delicious with a dollop of Ballymaloe Country Relish topped with chicken, to Rachel's traditional fish pie which can be served with a generous helping of Ballymaloe Country Relish.

Competition Closed

 'Debbie' The Winning Entry:

This email is in regard to the Ballymaloe country Relish "Taste of Home" hamper competition. My name is Debbie O' Sullivan and I would like to nominate my sister Mairéad O' Sullivan, she is currently living in Charlotte in North Carolina, USA. 

What I will miss the most about her not being home this St. Patrick's Day is that we usually have a family fry in the morning after mass. In our house Ballymaloe Relish replaces ketchup - this year, like for the past few years, my sister will not be here to enjoy the breakfast. Usually at these times we skype her and she is always jealous of the fact we have an abundance of relish on the table! 

Every few months, I send her over the squidgy bottles of relish at a hefty postage price and she has informed me that she is running low from the amount we sent over at Christmas. Her love of relish is something that is always joked about, it has become more of an obsession at this stage. 

Usually people who have emigrated speak of their love of Taytos or Barry's tea, and how they miss it. In the case of my sister, it is the Ballymaloe relish that she misses most. I know it would make her happy to see this hamper arrive at her door on Patrick's day. As we eat it thousands of miles away at breakfast, it would make me and my family happy to know she is eating it as well :) 



Congratulations Debbie & thank you to everyone for entering!

Try some new season Irish Spring lamb served with Ballymaloe Mint Jelly this St. Patrick's Day. A full range of inspiring Ballymaloe Country Relish recipes can be found here.