Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dermie's Weekly Best Buy: Nood Tea..

Like many, there is nothing more I love than a nice pot of loose leafed tea but I would just love the convenience of a teabag coupled with the quality of loose leaf tea. Sean Moran and Jonathan Wilson from Nood Teas had a similar dilemma, so in 2011 they set about sourcing great tea and bleach free, glue free, staple free, 100% biodegradable teabags. The end result is individually wrapped teabags filled with superb quality leaf tea and you can actually see the tea leaves you are sipping!

Nood tea source their tea leaves in India, China and Sri Lanka, and its tea-bag material in Japan. Sean believes his teas offer a “brighter, cleaner and more refreshing cup”, without the bitterness and astringency often found in bagged tea. Sean adds “We started NOOD for 3 reasons: We found it difficult to get real tea at a decent price. We found it almost impossible to get real tea in a handy teabag. And when we stopped and looked at the supermarket aisles, we were astonished to realise the pretty pictures of ingredients on the boxes had often very little to do with the dust in the box".

The five varieties of Nood tea include organic green, organic coarse-cut peppermint, organic Earl Grey, everyday tea – a single estate Assam, and camomile bud. Nood are growing rapidly which are now available in Tesco, Dunnes and in specialty stores such as Fresh, Cavistons, Morton’s and Nolan’s of Terenure. They cost €3.99 for a box of 20.