Friday, October 26, 2012

Love Irish Food Week: The Story Behind Avonmore...

In Ireland we grow grass like no where else in the world. Our Irish climate allows the grass grow lusher for even longer - allowing our cows to graze for longer than our European counterparts. At the heart of Ireland's milk production are Avonmore who take great care in sourcing the very finest Irish milk from a group of local farmers. 

All of Avonmore's milk is sourced from "happy cows" because the happier the cow the better the milk. Avonmore recognises that every cow has rights meaning local farmers have to sign up to the their charter promising freedom from hunger, thirst, injury, disease, fear and distress.

Avonmore ensures that from glass to grass, world-class-quality is adhered to every step of the way. Recently I chatted to Gina Bowes, Digital Marketing Manager for Avonmore as part of Dermie's Love Irish Food Week about the story behind the brand.

Coffeebreak with Gina Bowes, Digital Marketing Manager Avonmore

Gina, Avonmore, how did it all start?

The ‘Avonmore’ brand name originates in County Kilkenny, Ireland. It refers to Avonmore Foods, which along with Waterford Foods, merged to create Glanbia plc, the international cheese and nutritional ingredients group which owns the “Avonmore” brand in Ireland.

In 1967 the Avonmore Creameries Federation was formed when 36 small co-operative societies and Unigate Limited came together to establish a new milk processing facility in Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny.

Avonmore was founded by people who foresaw that farmers could help themselves through their own multipurpose co-operative society. Their plan to grow and expand the business evoked the word more, hence Avonmore.

How many do you employ?

Glanbia who own Avonmore employees 4,500 people.

How has love Irish food helped your business?

We are very proud of our Irish heritage and were one of the founding members of Love Irish Food in 2009. We passionately believe in creating the freshest tastiest Irish products across our product range of milk, cream, butter, custard, cheese & soup for our customers to enjoy.

We celebrate the fact ingredients are made in the Republic of Ireland so when consumers see the Love Irish Food logo on Avonmore products they know they are supporting a true Irish brand.

We encourage shoppers to look for the Love Irish Food logo to support Irish brands and have peace of mind that the cow to carton journey was made in their country’s back garden.

What makes your product different to competition?

Avonmore has been a favourite of Irish families since the sixties. With a wide range of products for all the family to enjoy - life tastes better with Avonmore!

We take great care to help our customers get the finest quality, freshest products every time. We only source the best, so our ingredients come from a select group of farms that supply only our dairies & naturally traceable back to our local Irish farms.

Describe Avonmore in five words....

Fresh, Tasty, Delicious, Scrumptious…..Irish!

What does the future hold for Avonmore?

We are continuously looking at ways to improve our products & innovate while maintaining the highest quality standards. In 2012 alone we launched our new Avonmore Heart Active Milk, launched our delicious new Avonmore Dessert Cream and improved our tasty fresh Avonmore Soup range. 

We are also excited to be shortlisted for an Eircom Spider award for our Peak Fresh Campaign and have recently sponsored the Avonmore Cook Book of the Year as part of the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards with winners announced on 22nd Nov.

So watch this space …exciting times ahead!