Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love Irish Food Week: Meet Kinsale Gourmet...

Kinsale Gourmet would like to introduce you to their exciting new range of ready meals of restaurant quality made in Ireland’s ‘Goumet Capital’ Kinsale, Co. Cork. Founded in July 2012, Kinsale Gourmet make delicious, simple, natural, Irish food using the very best of local Irish ingredients in their meals.

You will not find any nasty artificial additives, colourings or preservatives in any of their food. Just wholesome, fresh, natural ingredients you can trust. All their meals are frozen within minutes of being handmade to seal in their delicious natural goodness.

Coffee Break With Miriam Crowley Marketing Manager Kinsale Gourmet...

Where did you come up with the idea for your business?

Owen O' Brien is the Director of Kinsale Gourmet and has a strong background in catering. Through his experience in the industry he spotted a niche in the market for restaurant quality frozen ready meals that are produced in Ireland.

How has the Love Irish Food initiative helped your business?

Kinsale Gourmet launched in June 2012 and so we joined then. The initiative is a great platform to be seen by a wide demographic across Ireland. We are very proud to be part of Love Irish Food and that the Kinsale Gourmet range is 100% Irish. Having the Label on our products is attractive to consumers who are conscious of product origin which is a growing market trend across Ireland.

What makes your product different to the competition?

Kinsale Gourmet is the first 100% Irish range to incorporate the super-food sea-vegetable Dillisk into each consumer ready meal. There are numerous health benefits associated with sea-vegetables and in particular Dillisk/Dulse. Dillisk is rich in potassium, high in zinc and is one of the greatest sources of iron a person can have in their diet.

Another reason we stand out from the crowd is because we have a ‘freshly frozen policy’. This means our gourmet meal is frozen within minutes of being handmade, naturally sealing in the amazing taste and goodness, allowing the customer to get as fresh a meal as possible made by award winning chefs. The beauty of Kinsale Gourmet is that there is no need to go around the supermarket looking for ingredients or side dishes!

What does your product go well with?

A nice bottle of wine might accompany the meals too... if that’s what you fancy!

Describe your product in five words...

Frozen Restaurant Quality Ready Meal.

Watch out for Kinsale Gourmet November special offer. When you buy a Kinsale Gourmet meal you get a free terracotta ceramic dish. Kinsale Gourmet are expanding their number of retail outlets nationwide each week so keep an eye out in the frozen section. More information about Kinsale Gourmet can be found here.