Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recipe: Ballymaloe Country Relish Beef Burgers

There is nothing more delicious than a prime Irish beef burger, with some Ballymaloe Relish on top, but ever try to put the relish into the burger mix itself? It is simply divine. When mixing the ingredients together, I add in tomato relish into the beef mince, before grilling leaving you with a truly sensational burger!

Serves 4:

Shopping List:

- 1 Finely Chopped Onion.
- 500g Organic Lean Minced Beef.
- 1 Large Beaten Egg.
- 4 Tbps Ballymaloe Country Relish.
- 6 Bacon Strips.
- 8 Burger Buns.
- 2 Tsp Fresh Thyme & Parsley (Chopped).
- Salt & Black Pepper Seasoning

To Serve:

- Ballymaloe Country Relish.
- 4 Rounds Ardsallagh Goat's Cheese.
- Fresh Salad Leaves, Cucumber Pickle & Sliced Tomatoes.


1. Sweat the onions in a heavy bottomed pan, over a gentle heat, just until they are softened. Place them aside in a bowl to cool. Once cool mix in the relish, herbs and seasoning into the minced beef before adding in the beaten egg.

2. Take a little of the mixture and fry it in some oil to test for seasoning. Adjust the seasoning if necessary before rolling the mixture evenly into evenly sized burgers. Mold the mixture together by placing down gently with your hands and flatten into four even burgers. Ensure all the burgers are the same thickness and size, otherwise you will have unevenly cooked burgers.

3. Line the burgers on a well oiled tray and brush the tops with a little olive oil. Cover the burgers with cling film, place them in the fridge for at least an hour to allow them to set and for the relish to marinate the burgers.

4. Place your grill pan on a medium heat and grill the burgers for five minutes, for medium burgers and a minute extra for well done burgers. Ensure the burgers are well cooked through before serving. It is important not to place too much pressure on the burger while cooking and ensure you only turn once for the ultimate perfect burger.

5. When turning the burger, place the bacon on the pan and allow the bacon to go extra crispy. Drain the fried bacon on a plate lined with kitchen paper.

6. Place the burger buns under the grill until golden brown. Slide the burgers onto the bun, place the goat's cheese on top and allow to brown. Serve with a dollop of Ballymaloe Country Relish, salad, cucumber pickle and bacon or the topping of your choosing.