Monday, July 30, 2012

Dermie's Product Of The Week: Simplee Seasonings...

East Cork is widely known as being the culinary hub of Ireland home to many of Ireland's top butchers, chefs, artisan producers and Ireland's most popular Farmer's Market. The latest culinary venture to emerge from East Cork is the 'Simplee' seasonings range set up by Edel Cooney in 2011.

Edel re-packaged her homemade seasonings and started selling to butchers and supermarkets in the Cork area. The response was phenomenal from locals and now the Simplee seasonings range are set for expansion with new distribution arrangements signed for more outlets across Ireland.

The Simplee range is make up of eight innovative artisan lines including: Sea Salt, Peppercorn, Herb Salt, Chilli Salt, Garlic Salt, Lemon Pepper, Sweet and Smoky Salt and not to mention the fantastic salt free seasoning. The salt free seasoning is an all purpose seasoning which is bursting with the flavour of citrus fruit, spices and seeds. It is terrific on fish, in your lunch sandwiches, as a use in dressings and of course to enhance an evening casserole.

In such a very short period of time, Simplee Seasonings have taken the Irish market by storm and there is no doubt that they will become market leaders in their category. A full list of stockists can be found here. Check my blog over the coming weeks where I will be sharing recipes using the Simplee Seasonings range. In the meantime, give Edel's summer soup recipe a try:

Recipe: Edel's Tomato & Honey Soup With A Chilli Salt Kick

This recipe is a favourite in Edel's house, it is simple, quick and great for all of us who are trying to make their food budget stretch further. For Edel, this tastes of summer, and it never lasts long. Top tip…double up on everything and save the leftovers in the fridge.


- 1kg very ripe tomatoes
- Olive oil
- 2 tbsp honey
- Handful of thyme
- 1 white onion
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 100ml water
- Chilli Sea Salt
- Optional: croutons, basil, yogurt


- Slice all your tomatoes in half. Arrange on a baking tray and pour over honey, thyme leaves and 2 tbsp of olive oil.
- Place in a preheated oven of 230 degrees for about 15 minutes.
- While your tomatoes are cooling, finely chop your onion and crush your garlic.
- Peel the skin from the tomatoes and roughly chop.
- Sweat the onions and garlic with a little olive oil for about 5 minutes until they are translucent.
- Add the tomatoes and water and a little chopped basil if you have it.
- Blend until smooth. Season with a generous amount of Simplee chilli salt and pepper. Taste.
- Reheat and serve with croutons and a swirl of yogurt.