Monday, June 25, 2012

Product of the week: Kilbeg Dairy...

It was with great excitement last month when I came across what is undoubtedly one of the very best artisan dairies in Ireland 'Kilbeg Dairies'. Kilbeg Dairy was founded in 2007, by farmers Jane and Kieran Cassidy, who had an idea to sell delicious cheesecakes locally using milk from their pedigree herd of Holsteins. From humble beginnings a very successful business has been created on an artisan farm located near Kells, County Meath. Such was the success of the cheesecakes that over the past five short years, Kilbeg Dairies have expanded their produce range to include: Crème Fraiche; Sour Cream; Greek Style Yoghurt; Natural Probiotic Yoghurt; Mascarpone Cheese and the fabulously delicious range of Moodie Yoghurt Smoothies.

It sure was not an easy path but the office wall of Kilbeg Dairies is testament to their hard work and outstanding high quality products dotted with many an award including: Great Taste Award Gold; Bridgestone Best in Ireland Award as well as being shortlisted for a Euro-torque Ireland award.

The Kilbeg range of products can be found throughout the country in convenience stores such as: Eurospar and in artisan specialists such as: Donnybrook Fair; Fallon & Byrne, and a select number of Farmer's Markets across the country. For more information on Kilbeg Dairies and to find a stockist near you, visit their website: Kilbeg Dairy.