Friday, May 4, 2012

Campaign: Raw Milk Campaign Update

In January I asked those of you who are following my blog to join me and many others in getting behind the campaign for raw milk. The campaign for raw milk e-mailed me yesterday with an update on their campaign which I have posted below.

Dear Dermot,

It’s been a little while since we’ve sent any updates, and this is just a brief one to appraise everyone of the current status.

Whilst the raw milk campaign have still received no further official communication from the Government (despite several requests!), it appears that for the moment there is no further movement to press ahead with the proposed ban of the sale of raw milk in Ireland.

The current situation then is that the EU hygiene regulations govern the sale of  raw milk in Ireland which makes direct farm sales and sales to retail establishment perfectly acceptable so long as certain criteria such as the health of the herd and regular approved testing of same are met.

For the moment at least, the good news is that common sense has prevailed to ensure that we can all continue to have access to lovely fresh Raw Irish Milk.

The campaign for raw milk would like to express our thanks to everyone for their support thus far, and most especially to those few farmers who have despite all odds continued and started to supply us with their fantastic single estate milk!

Kindest regards,

The Campaign For Raw Milk Team