Monday, May 14, 2012

Article: Dermie Stop Food Waste Ambassador...

Colum Gibson, of the Stop Food Waste campaign, has asked me to become an ambassador for the campaign to stop food waste in Ireland. I am delighted to join their team to help drive the message to stop food waste in Ireland to more and more Irish people. The amount of food waste in Ireland is at a major crisis point and one in which many households around the country have not taken on-board. Such is the problem internationally that the United Nations has backed a call to halve food waste by 2025, although this target can be achieved much quicker with the collaboration of households, businesses and governments.

A survey by the STOP Food Waste Movement ( has found that 51% of people waste food regularly, with 30% of the food Irish households buy ending up in the bin. This is a shocking statistic which translates into a nominal cost of €1,000 per Irish household per year.

A leaflet has been drawn up to help Irish households to reduce the amount of food waste and can be downloaded here. Over the coming months, I will be working with the Stop Food Waste campaign to share recipes, tips and maybe even a few cookery demonstrations to help you to reduce the amount of domestic food waste resulting in substantial savings on your household grocery bill.

Further information on the campaign can be found here.