Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Ballymaloe Space Project...

After months of planning, a team of five creative friends; Alex Musgrave, Billy Cummings, Eoin Devlin, Irial Kennedy and Aisling Ryan descended onto Mallow Space Centre, Co. Cork to mark Ireland's first space project. On Saturday the 24th of March, space mission "Ballymaloe" was launched when a jar of Ballymaloe Country Relish was released into space, fixed to a camera and a two metre helium balloon, orbiting Cork at a record of almost 96,500 feet.

The mission was suddenly in doubt when at an altitude of 5,400 feet reports reached the Mallow Space Centre that communication had failed. After months of planning, it seemed that Ireland's first space mission had failed but two hours later, a location of the space project was received just off the coast of Youghal, East Cork.

Again, the five thought that project "Ballymaloe" was destined for failure, as a water landing was inevitable for East Cork. However, low winds carried the shuttle safely to a near-by field where the five were able to quickly map the landing using their GPS device.

The project has been a great success at a cost of 700 euro, recording an altitude of 96,500 feet. Temperatures caused the footage to fail, and the jar to freeze, but most of the space project was recorded on their camera and then posted on Youtube:

The video has reached almost 15,000 views on Youtube and the friends have become an overnight success online. The video marks the launch of what will be undoubtedly a very successful venture, with the launch of Dog Day Media: