Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Irresponsible Move By Teagasc Threatens Irish Food Industry

Over the past number of days, Irish people the world over have been celebrating what it means to be Irish. It really does fill you with pride when you watch the news to see landmarks such as the Burj al Arab in Dubai and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai turn green for our national day.  I take great pride in the Irish food we are able to produce, from our golden butter, to our dairy, to our potatoes and not to mention our Irish beef which is world class- all of which are synonymous with Ireland as a brand and as a country.

It is disappointing to learn that Teagasc- the Irish state research & advisory board for Irish agriculture have applied to the EPA for a licence to plant GM potatoes in Oak Park, Carlow. Apart from the environmental threat this experiment poses, the economic effects on the Irish Food industry will be catastrophic as it will remove Ireland's unique selling point as being one of the last GM Free States in Europe.

No2GM have mounted a campaign to stop this move by Teasgasc but they need our help. You can click below to sign the petition to stop GM potato trails in Ireland:

Alternatively, you can lobby your local TD expressing your concern over the Teagasc trails in Oakpark, Carlow.

Follow granny on twitter to keep up to date with events, remember that the deadline for submission to the EPA is 27th March 2012 so please act now.