Sunday, February 19, 2012

Product of the week: O' Egg

The first lesson I was taught in baking was that the very best cakes come from the very best ingredients. A wise baker once told me: 'if you can't get your hands on the best eggs, forget about making the best cake!'. A wise baker he was and a theory which has proven to stand the test of time.

Earlier this week, I baked the most splendid sponge cake for my dear friend, Kate for her birthday. Kate popped by for some light Afternoon Tea and cake but her attention was drawn not to the fabulous cake but to the eggs on the counter. The eggs were from O' Egg packaged in a bright Coco-Chanel pink packaging and inside were some wonderful free-range Irish white eggs with a pink cancer ribbon stamped on each egg.

O' Egg pride themselves on being 'Ireland's tastiest free range eggs produced in the old fashioned artisan way'. Their eggs come straight from the family farm where the chickens graze the lush green grass and roam around the fields in delightful pure surroundings. It is delightful to see that O' Egg are standing their ground in an era of mass production to continue on their business of old fashioned artisan free range production.

This pancake Tuesday, try O' Egg in your pancakes for a crisp, fresh and simply delicious pancake. O' Eggs are perfect for an Eggs Benedict on a Sunday morning or in a delicious sponge cake for Mother's day. For every pink box sold, they generously contribute to the Action Breast Cancer fund. They can be found in all leading multiples, Donnybrook Fair, Dublin and Fallon & Byrne, Dublin.