Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dermie's Weekly Shopping Bag: Country Kitchens Bakery Bagels

There is nothing more I adore on a Saturday morning then a nice run to work up an appetite for a big breakfast. This morning, I did just that and on the way home I picked up some cinnamon & raisin bagels in the local supermarket to accompany my bacon which I purchased from the local farmer and soft cheese I took home from the school.

As I toasted the bagels, a very distinctive scent of cinnamon filled the kitchen and I felt as though I had baked them myself. Then I thought, I really must share this on my blog as they are the perfect Saturday morning treat. Country Kitchen Bagels are very unique with excellent packaging, low in fat and baked 'the traditional way for better flavour'.

Operating from their custom built bakery in Midleton, Co. Cork using traditional methods and recipes to develop their range of breads and bagels- Country Kitchen Bakery bagels are without hesitation the best bagel in the supermarket aisle. They are perfect for the sporty type as they come in wholegrain and you can add some chicken into the bagel for an excellent post-workout snack. They are also an ideal treat for the big kids lunch box or smothered in cream cheese with some freshly chopped chives with delicious salmon for that self indulgent light afternoon snack.

Country Kitchen Bakery bagels are widely available in Tesco, Superquinn, Supervalu and other large stores nationwide. Further information can be found on their website: Country Kitchens Bakery.