Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food Writing Course with Hugo Arnold

Today was a very informative day as my housemates and I attended Hugo Arnold's Food Writing Course in the school. Hugo Arnold has written for numerous newspapers and magazines and is the author of 11 cookery books including two for Wagamama and five for Avoca. He is currently working on a book for Giraffe restaurants.

Food writing and writing cookery books is my ultimate dream but I've an incredible challenging path ahead to get there but one day I will get there. Hence why today was such a great experience for me, we spent the morning discussing how to go about creating a cookbook, how to write articles and how to properly brainstorm. I wish I had the luxury to brainstorm and construct my posts but for now, that's not possible.

We broke for lunch and had pizza where I met other bloggers such as Sheila Kiely of Gimme The Recipe who posts incredible recipes. Fellow students on the course are blogging too, one of the best is Lisa Devlin, check Lisa's well written blog here: Fork and Fizz. In the afternoon, I wrote up a recipe using Hugo's method and then a restaurant review of last night's dinner in Farmgate Café

A book I would highly recommend is The Flavour Thesaurus, check it out it is well worth a read. Tonight is my first Saturday night off in weeks, mega excited :)