Monday, January 23, 2012

Dermie's Weekly Shopping Bag- Gookies!

Last week, I popped into get a few items in Supervalu in Midleton, as I scanned the chilled section, one product leaped off the shelves and I thought I have to try these. That product was 'Gookies', the packaging is fantastic, so warm, so innovative and bright - this is a winner. Gookies is a one to watch and you have got to try them.

Gookies is a unique range of Irish made gluten-free, wheat-free (but unlike most wheat-free products, it's not taste-free, they're yummy!). The company was formed over a year ago by Midleton based entrepreneur Muriel Coughlan. The ready to bake dough is refrigerated and are available in milk chocolate, triple chocolate, cranberry and white chocolate and natural flavour.

Commenting on her success, Muriel explained the moment when she got a rush of blood to the head and experimented with gluten free cookies: 'I have been a coeliac myself for four years, I have been completely frustrated by the lack of tasty snacks in cafes, restaurants and shops so I decided to start my own business providing ready to bake, wholesome and delicious cookies that are gluten free and wheat free. It was only when I took them to the market that I realised that they had such a broad appeal'.

Muriel called into the school to drop off some more samples to me Friday, I baked a few batches and before they even cooled they were snapped up. I had a few friends over for tea earlier and everyone wants to know where they can buy these gookies- 'they're gluten free? No way?' they asked. Yes way, and they're delicious!

Gookies facebook page here outlines where you can find Gookies in-store. They are only available in selected stores for now but this product is a one to watch so expect them to be in alot more stores in 2012.

Gookies cookies are fabulous warm as a dessert with some ice-cream or involve the kids with the baking and have them as an afternoon treat with some ice cold milk.